Oaks Heart has three distinct brands.

Oaks Heart

Based on the concept "a whole new world of vinegar potential", Oaks Heart is the first brand of shops in Japan that specializes in vinegar, opened in February 2003, We offer a wide range of innovative products called Nomu Su Dessert Vinegar®, which have changed conventional images of vinegar as a seasoning into an exciting health-giving beverage.


At our stores with attached cafes, you can enjoy our unique vinegar-inspired offerings such as the fruity vinegar drinks. We also have many innovative items on the menu: ice cream with vinegar topping, various sweets with vinegar, as well as beer and cocktails infused with vinegar. At these shops, you can expand your perception of the diverse flavors possible with vinegar.

Nomu Su Expre・su Tokyo

Nomu Su Expre・su Tokyo opened at Tokyo Station, which is known as "the gateway to Japan." Our cafe serves specially developed offerings using our vinegar expertise, such as drinks from Dessert Vinegar® and vinegar infused ice cream. Souvenir-sized bottles, which are popular as a gift from Tokyo Station, are also available.